Drew London

After years of having a website that didn’t necessarily reflect the Drew London team, current work, or clients, we decided to take the plunge and create something that was undoubtedly Drew!

Client: M&G Investments

Branding & Digital: Sasha Beattie

Copywriting: Kate Lewis

Copywriting: Sree Mukherjee

Product design (Website)


It was important to create very clear user journeys, both through the content and design but we didn’t want to look like all the other agencies out there. We’d like to let our work shine but showing the key elements of Drew London: integrity, kindness and inclusivity. Through colour, typography, illustration and fantastic content (thanks to the amazing Kate) we achieved a refreshed and revitalised identity for Drew, one that we felt showed off both our heart and our talents!


The “Drew People” or “The Crowd” as I like to call them, populate the website to keep you company as you explore! Their clothing and hair are transparent so depending on the background, they’ll pick up different colours.

Inclusivity and representation are very important to us, so the eleven characters come in a few shapes and sizes - as Drew grows The Crowd will too!

Advertising & Results

The site and brand redesign won the agency several new clients within the first month of launch and the Facebook ad campaign had a 97% click rate, with website visitors staying for 9 minutes on average.