Hello! I’m Sasha Mei-Li Beattie. I studied at Central Saint Martins where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Communication & Promotion. I am an image maker - whether that means Graphic Design, Art Direction, Illustration or all of the above! However, my focus is Digital Design and Branding. ​

As far as hobbies go I enjoy reading fiction (nice covers are a plus), I’m a moderate gamer, a decent snowboarder and an occasional unicyclist (it’s a long story) with a great appreciation for food, real and fake.

I often get asked the infamous question, “Where are you from?” The short(ish) answer is Hawaii, Alaska, England and I’m Scottish-Taiwanese. The long answer is written in my book, Hāpā, which investigates concepts of identity and belonging in relation to being of mixed ethnic heritage - I hope you check it out!