Bond Vigilantes

Bond Vigilantes is a financial blog run by members of M&G Investments. It is a platform for BV bloggers to share their views on all things bond related, with a bit of humour here and there.

Client: M&G Investments

Agency: Drew London

Branding & Digital: Sasha Beattie

Product design (Website)

Logo Refresh

It was important to for the Bond Vigilantes team to keep their silhouette icon in “M&G teal” within the logo so working around that I chose a modern sans serif for a softer and updated visual.

Colour Palette

The subdued colour scheme of off-white and dark brown (almost black) is intended to be comfortable on the eyes (think Kindle Paper White) easy to read. The accent colours create a retro feel with the inclusion of an updated M&G Teal that is darker and a bit more elevated.


The styling may be retro but it’s functionality is modern - adding a day/night mode toggle and bookmark icon let’s users read how they like and save blogs to read on their schedule.

The Website

Newspapers were the main inspiration for the site design - they are familiar, trusted i.e. not Facebook, so readers will tune into that mindset and feel that they are reading quality, well-researched content, something like the FT or NY Times. There is a purposely retro/dated style to the design

contrasted by modern functionality and typography, such as the night mode toggle and integrated media player. Keeping with the theme of print, a crossword and anagram are repurposed as the newsletter sign up and 404 error page graphics adding a bit of playfulness to a serious sector.